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05/09/2015 00:00
Afterlife Paranormal has not had a chance to update in a long time. We have not done many cases lately but we are coming back!!! We are also looking for some new members. If you are interested e-mail us at afterlife_pi2011@yahoo.com or you can call us. We are based out if Lashmeet Wv. So must live...


06/20/2013 07:56
Founder's Jason and Mona will be welcoming another baby boy in November. Also A.P.I will be leaving for Odd WV. Saturday June 22, 2013.

New video

05/11/2013 12:11
A.P.I has added a new video. It's under About Us, It's a video from our last investigation through the spirit box.


05/10/2013 22:43
A.P.I has an upcoming Investigation 5/15/13 This is the biggest place we have done.


04/18/2013 16:55
AfterLife Paranormal's Fundraiser went very well yesterday. We was able to raise alot of money for new equipment and stuff for the group. Thank you to all the people that came out and supported us, and donated to us.


04/09/2013 23:53
A.P.I has been called in to a personal home, this could be a demonic case! We will be getting to this case next week. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers.


04/08/2013 23:55
A.P.I has a newe member coming soon. Jason and Mona are expecting another baby.


03/06/2013 18:28
AfterLife Paranormal has a big Investigaton next week. This one was on top of our wish list for Investigations in WV. It's at a undisclosed location. I will post where the day after the Investigation along with some pics.

Our 1st 2013 Investigation

01/17/2013 16:03
AfterLife Paranormal does have an Investigation this Saturday Jan.19,2013 @ a secret Location we will let everyone know where it was at after the Investigation is done. We have to keep Locations secret because we do have other groups that like to copy us. So everything will be posted soon!

first 2013 update

01/09/2013 12:46
AfterLife Paranormal has their 2013 Investigations getting ready to start in secret locations. Pictures will be posted afterwards, we will be posting audio soon.
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