06/14/2013 10:19

A.P.I has an BIG upcoming Investigation we are doing a Paranormal Case with a Crypto Case in Odd. WV on 6/22/13. We are very excited hopefully we will be able to get some pics up after but I will keep everyone posted on how things go. I am sorry for not having updates sooner and pics but we have been swamped with cases and fundraisers lately but we are still taking on more cases.


04/22/2013 12:56

AfterLife Paranormal had a personal case lastnight. This case was the craziest we have ever seen and we have seen some pretty crazy cases. We all got called for and threatened through our spirit box. What we has dealing with lastnight We do not know if it was a spirit or something worse. Hopefully we was able to help these people. We also closed the Investigation with a blessing of the house. We don't know we may have to go back. Keep you posted tho.

Update on API 2/3/13

02/03/2013 19:59

Quick update on A.P.I our Investigation the 19th of Jan. went good we just done the reveal they where very pleased with what we had found for them. I know I promised EVP's soon but API has been over loaded with cases we have been doing those, and  trying to do all those reviews. So very soon I will have EVP's up for everyone!

Our upcoming Investigaton

01/17/2013 16:08

We will be posting a new blog after this Investigation, this Sat the 19th so keep a check back. I do not know how soon we will be able to post the blog, but we will as soon a we get a chance. So keep a check back after this Sat. the 19th if you would like to read the blog. We will also be posting where it was at hopefully some  good new pics and we are working on EVP's. As always thank you for visiting our web page... ;))

The Case 11/2/12

11/11/2012 20:06

So this personal Case A.P.I went on Nov 2,2012. Was a revisit to a home in Clarksburg WV. The Paranormal Activity had picked up at this home, whatever it was, A.P.I does believe it was Evil. A.P.I does believe it was invited into the home by a ouija board, The family had played with years ago, and had never closed the door way they had opened.  A.P.I was able to close the door way and blessed the home. --Since then the owners have had a few things go on but nothing like it was. A.P.I is willing to do whatever else we can to help these people find some peace. We wish this Family Luck and if they need our help again we will be happy to help.

Up Coming Investigations

10/18/2012 19:32

Well AfterLife Paranormal will be headed back up State Nov 2,2012 for a personal case and will be visiting Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Nov 3,2012.

First blog

08/03/2012 06:30

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.